Sunday, April 20, 2014


I'd vowed to not got longer than a week without updating, but I've been pretty busy this past week doing custom orders. Always a plus. :)

 I just wanted to do a quick update to share images of one of the pieces recently completed.

This linen batik skirt is based on one of my classic designs.  This is my first time making one out of something other than denim, and both I and the person it's for are really pleased with the results.  

 Below are the first two I ever made of this style.

Currently available for custom order in the Etsy shop!


I've been purchasing all sorts of interesting fabrics for custom garments lately, including this lovely elephant print. 

This will be made into a tunic with adjustable straps.  Pictures of that will be forthcoming. 


Today I'll be taking a break from fabric cutting and sewing in order to get out to the beach and enjoy some of this warm and lovely Hawaiian weather.  

4-17-14--O'ahu, Hawaii

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


If you watched this video, then you may recall that I ordered several new fabrics last month.  I was intending to use all the fabrics to make dresses for myself.  Yesterday I decided to use one of them to create a great blouse for warmer months based on a design that was on my mind when I woke up.  

The fabric used for this top is very stretchy and flowy, and has a wonderful drape.  I know of several people who like to wear over sized blouses with fitted bottoms such as leggings, and this style was partly inspired by that idea.

You may notice that it's see-through, so I do suggest pairing it with an undershirt.

The pictured garment is best for size XL-2X, and I have enough material to make a couple more of these.  So, this is a very limited edition!

Last night I listed it on Etsy, and it can be customized in sizes small-2X.

This is one of those styles that I'll likely make a staple in my collection this spring/summer, so you can look forward to it being offered in other colors/fabrics as well!

Wishing everyone a great Thursday!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Last night I was over at a friend's place for dinner and wore my beloved white lounge wear dress.  It really is one of the most comfortable garments that I've made for myself.  I like that it's loose fitting and breathable, allowing for air to pass through and keep my body cool and relaxed.  

On the way back from her place I stopped and took these pictures.

I love this dress so much and have received such good feedback on it that I decided to offer it for custom order.  To order just click HERE! You can also access that page on the left side of the home page of this site.  Also, if you haven't done so already, be sure to check out this video where I give more details about this wonderful dress. 

Whenever I leave this friend's house I typically have something with me that I didn't have when I got there.  She loves to give me clothing, and I've been the grateful recipient of some of her vintage hand-painted (by her) garments.  Last night she gave me a denim jacket, the back of which she painted with an original design some years ago.

In December she gave me these two pieces.

Nice, huh?

I really feel honored to received such beautiful wearable art!

Today is the final day of the 30% of sale happening in the flyTie Clothing Etsy Store. The coupon code SPRING30 will expire Saturday, so get on it!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Styles Revisited

Sometimes I take for granted that over all the years that I've been designing and making clothes I have achieved a massive catalog of styles.  I've got a few albums online that have been there for years, and often when I go back to look through them it really amazes me  to see so many skirts, dresses, tops, etc. that I've made and have forgotten about.  I've decided that--in addition to making a few new styles--I'm gonna revisit some of the styles from years gone by. To start, this top will be available soon in new prints and colors.

(I really do wish I could get my hands on more of this particular wax print. All I had at the time that the top was made was a scrap given to me by a friend.)

You can look for this style in the  Etsy shop in the coming week!


As a reminder, there's currently a 30% off sale taking place in the shop that ends this Friday. April 4.  Last night I made a quick video to show some of the amazing deals that are currently available when you place an order--for anything in the shop--and enter code SPRING30 at checkout.

It's always good to have a reason to make a video with just images, cause it sure can be exhausting making one where I'm talking.  A five minute video of that nature can take (me) two or more hours to make/upload/process!  So yeah, picture videos are always a pleasure. :)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Video

Happy Thursday!

Just a quick update to share my latest video.

Check it out, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!

Also, I put together a pricing sheet for the current clearance sale taking place in the flyTie Clothing Etsy shop:

Have a great day.~~~

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

flyTie Clothing 30% Off Spring Sale

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I'll be doing some alterations (adding pockets) to a pair of lounge pants made last week, and I've also gotta continue working on a project that I'll be teaching on April 6, at a local fun place for children. I started playing around with it yesterday, but things didn't turn out as I'd expected. I'm going to have to regroup on that...

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update to let you know that now through April 4, there's a 30% off sale going on in the Etsy shop!  This sale covers everything in the shop including merchandise already on sale as well as made-to-order pieces. Just enter code SPRING30 at checkout for savings.

Yesterday I finished up another dress for self--a style that I'll also be offering for custom order very soon.  It's reversible!

The asymmetrical/handkerchief hem is one of my favorites to make, and the drape of this fabric for such a style is absolutely divine.  

Hopefully later this week I'll get around to creating a new video to showcase the spring/summer collection.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Video and Dresses (It's Friday)! case anyone was unclear about that. (Usually that's me!)

So this week I've created dresses for a *new* collection that I'd hoped to present today, but it needs another few days

Here are the two dress styles I've made so far!

Both of these fabrics were previewed in a video uploaded last week.

I'll do another post next week once I get everything situated/fabrics sourced so that I can offer these styles for custom order. :)


And speaking of videos, I created another one yesterday!

Just showing love to the designers behind The New Handmade Collective.

Check it out.

Have a great weekend!