Saturday, September 13, 2014

At Your Best

So, here lately I'm into making baby headbands. :-)  I really like that they take very little fabric, because I've got a lot of scraps. 

Here's a reversible one that's in the works.

 It just needs elastic and to be sewn together.  

Naturally I'm now wanting to design and make  a line of items for babies.  These will definitely be a part of it.  

Speaking of baby stuff, I saw an episode of Project Runway (a show I never saw until recently). and the challenge was for the designers to make an outfit for a baby about one year in age.  (I believe it was an episode from last year.)  It really inspired me to create a baby collection.  I think one of the first things I'll make is a pair of patchwork bloomers.  Patchworking is one of my favorite processes.


So, my lil boopy will be 7 weeks on Tuesday, and she seems so much older.  She's very active and alert.  Also, she definitely knows what she doesn't want and don't want or like and don't like!  

Yesterday she had her first experience with the computer when I showed her a video of her namesake, Wangari Maathai, speaking.  

It's a nice animated video, and she was thoroughly engaged. 

Even though she's very young, I make it a point to do educational and inspirational stuff with her each day.  We read, look at pictures in books and magazines, count, call out parts of the body, name the various machines in the house that make loud sounds when they're being operated  (juicer, blender, etc.), say ABCs, sing, talk (she can't form words yet, but the child can talk!), and whatever else I can think of. Fortunately she is very attentive and really enjoys it. We gave such a great time together!

Here's the video we're watching in the image above:

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend. ~

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cotton and Baby

I've been sharing various things on my Facebook page here and there, and most recently I shared some images of cotton that I picked from a local cotton tree, deseeded, and cleaned for use.  

This wasn't my first time doing this since being in Hawaii, but the process always gives me insight into the arduous task that those before me had when being forced to do this type of work.   It ain't easy!  However, in my case--having picked only a zip lock bag full from a tree and being able to sit peacefully and comfortably in an air conditioned home while cleaning it--the process can be very meditative.

I'm just thankful.  

Wish I had the means to make cloth!


I really enjoy visiting a thrift store located right down the valley from us, particularly when they're having the 50% sale during the first weekend of each month.  Having a new baby, my focus when going there has shifted.  Before I was just looking at whatever caught my attention. Now I'm usually exclusively focused on baby stuff.   We've come across some many useful items.  Recently we got 2 baby carriers by this company for $4.50 each!  Just before leaving the house the day we got them I was online researching carriers and was looking at paying $40 or more.

I plan to get fabric and make my own, but the ones from the thrift store come in SO handy.  (I'm not too crazy about strollers due to not liking clutter and having a lot of stuff, so the carriers work well for me.  Baby is getting bigger and heavier though, so I may have to change my anti-stroller attitude in the future.)

So, in addition to that thrilling find, I also found this onesie.


I've been a fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book since forever, and I found a copy for twenty-five cents sometime last spring at a library book sale.  To have come across this garment really just made my day.  It's 0-3 months though, and the child is growing rapidly.  I'm gonna have to put her in it really soon if I hope for her to ever wear it.

The Kente print fabric behind it will be used to make a headband.

Speaking of that, I made her first headpiece yesterday. :)

Have a great week!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sold Items

Happy Friday!

Just a quick post as a reminder about the $40 clearance sale happening in the Etsy shop.

Threes of the items that were part of the sale are now on their way (or have made it) to their destinations in the US and UK.

Several more items are available (including one more like the third dress above), and I'm offering free shipping on each.

Shop online at:

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Happy Sunday!

Long time no post, but everything's been going really well. :-)

I haven't even touched my sewing machine in so long, but I do seriously plan to get back to sewing soon. 

The primary reason that I haven't been on it as much lately is because...I recently had a baby!  It all happened at the end of July. Yes.  Although I said nothing about it online until last week, it's very true. :)

 (If you're on my Facebook page, then you've probably already heard.)

I won't be posting her image online, but she's just as precious as can be.

So, all the while that I was pregnant, I was taking pictures in garments as usual.  Somehow, it just wasn't obvious to people.  (Probably because I wasn't doing many side shots ;)

 One or two people did say they knew something was up.

 Here are some of the monthly pictures.

 A friend called me out on my secretive Scorpio ways. My not sharing the news (online) over the course of the nine months wasn't intentional.  I just never got around to it. :-D


Needless to say, baby girl takes up most of the free time I had previously and I wouldn't have it any other way!  We play, talk, sing, dance, read, etc....that's all in addition to the regular baby stuff such as nursing and keeping her clean and dry. She is so strong and alert.  It's really amazing.

She provides so much joy and some of the most fun I've ever had.

On the subject of clothing design, I will be creating a line of garments for children in her name.  I look forward to that!

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Challis and Fall Wear

Several styles that I create under the flyTie Clothing  label are ones that I bring back during certain seasons of the year.  One of my favorite designs from a couple of years ago is the asymmetrical challis (rayon) blouse.

Also available in black.

Even living in an environment where it generally always feels like summertime, I still want to offer seasonal pieces on a consistent basis.  Of course, this top can be worn year round.  Additionally, it's exceptionally versatile and can be worn and layered with a range of other items. 

This turquoise version is a personal garment that I always enjoy wearing with some of my other favorite clothing items.  In this case it's layered with a tube top leopard print dress that I made for myself this past spring.

When I'm not in the mood for the up top exposure that comes with halter or tube top garments, I enjoy wearing another loose fitting garment over them for some coverage.  

The brown and black versions are available in the Etsy shop. I may be adding a couple more colors for custom order in the near future.  It's all about finding the right color and fabric for the style.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Can See The Sun

*Sings along to a favorite Roberta Flack tune*

Well, the hurricanes headed for Hawaii didn't cause much of a ruckus at all on O'ahu where I'm located.

Winds were pretty high on Friday, it was gray and gloomy on Saturday, and by today these were my views.

Unfortunately, I heard that there was some damage done on the Big Island and also that a woman was killed after being swept away by the storm on Kauai.  We feel so fortunate over here to have escaped the worst of it.

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Books are so awesome, and I'm extremely grateful for the ability to read.  

Here lately I've been spreading my attention across several different books.  I don't have them all on hand at this present moment. but they include one on wholistic dental care, one on strengthening the immune system, and one on using various herbs for health and healing.  

We make pretty frequent trips to the local library where we typically hit up the "new books" shelf as well as the "book sale" shelves where for just a small donation, you can bring home--to keep--all sorts of wonderful reads.  

Back on the subject of renting books, one that I got several weeks ago was Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


I've had the book for at least three weeks and recently renewed it it have another three weeks.  The thing is, I'm only on page 79.  I've read Purple Hibiscus and The Thing Around Your Neck by the same author and just breezed through those.  For some reason though, this one isn't--so far--as engaging to me.  And I've been told that this is the one to read.

I'll keep at it.  With over 350 pages to go, hopefully some source of inspiration will come along  and push me to complete my reading prior to its next due date. 


So, I learned yesterday that two hurricanes are headed for Hawaii.  Supposedly they'll downgrade to tropical storms by the time they hit Big Island. Or maybe before they hit O'ahu where we are. Let's hope so.

Having lived near the coast of Southwest Louisiana for many years, I'm used to hurricanes as a weather phenomenon. The difference in facing them living on an island is that there's nowhere to evacuate to. You just have to deal with it.

I'm sure we'll be just fine, but send positive vibes this way nonetheless!